Day Eleven, Road Trip 2016

oldest Florida site
 enthralls us like we’re in Spain
 (memories abound)

coquina fortress
 built on the sweat from slaves’ backs
 (engineering feat)

defense of this sight:
 gleaming harbor colony
 (worth the protection)

a dogged day’s drive
 at the end of this journey
 (worth the distraction)

history, not mice:
 Florida is more than Disney
 (all they need to know)

At the Bottom of this Pool

in mineral baths
 i mock a tropical life
 (yet i’m still so cold)
 the snow drives us home
 a lion-like March exit
 to freeze my failure
 nothing can replace
 all the hours without them
 now bathed with worse score

Branching Out

Spanglish park play date
 joy found amongst las ramas
 friend language rooted
 (questionable choice–
 my student’s family, my girls–
 here we cross borders)

The Gut Tells All

 my colleague had
 Teacher Tequila Tuesday.
 i ran three miles, carpooled kids,
 cooked vegan chili and cornbread,
 gathered girls from play date,
 showered, did our taxes,
 spoke in Spanish por telĂ©fono,
 and never slurred a word.
 he may be Mr. Popularity.
 but i win this Tuesday.