Day Twenty-Seven, Road Trip 2016

road trip starts to end
 with wide open river views,
 bridges to cross them

Kentucky burns bright
 holds together rebel groups
 and holds our heart tight

Day Twenty-Six, Road Trip 2016

Kentucky wins me
 with giant bookstores; ice cream;
 and sweet niece faces

 each night a red sun
 to lull us to country sleep
 on our road trip dream


she gave her the aspen trees
she never saw my dream
deep and dark
white and light
they were there
all connected in
an organism grander
than what we humans can imagine

they sit now in this perfect house
(perhaps i should have waited)
in eastern Kentucky
with crown moldings
and the dining room we long
to be a part of

i zoom in on them now
her perfectly artistic fingertips
able to make an art
only seen in dreams