The Only Home is Colorado

mountain views bring peace
 better than a city day
 our summer freedom
 camping in nature:
 reminder of what matters–
 family connections
 weekend getaway:
 my moose, their antlers, our love
 better than the beach

Made in Colorado

over Trail Ridge Road
 you’ll visit every season
 (finding home in each)
 from spring to winter,
 Colorado wins my heart
 the best home on earth
 family’s found here too:
 in fires and puffed pancakes
 bigger than ourselves
 it’s that blue sky range
 just past the elk on the trail
 that leads our hearts home

Eighteen Years as Us

Numbers for our weekend: Bruce turned 39, our marriage turned 18, we hiked 25 miles, gained 4520 feet in elevation, endured 100 or more stream crossings, 4 thunderstorms, 50 fallen trees, and carried 80 pounds of food, equipment, and water. We reached our limit halfway through yesterday, but marriage is continuous–we chose the loop trail just like we chose each other 18 years ago. And we’ll keep hiking, helping each other cross streams, build shelters, cook meals, and climb mountains, till the last limit of our lives. Happy anniversary!

Backpacker’s Dream/Dilemma

we strike the trail late
 met by an abundant blue
 (clouds can keep secrets)

lunch is disruptedĀ 
 by stream-crossing detours
 (till we see our fault)

then comes rain and pain
 realizing we were tricked
 (the trail is longer)

camp set up quickly
 dinner wolfed, shoes soaked by grass
 (thunder moving in)
 hours in the tent
 thinking, how could it, why now?
 (tests of our marriage)

but the bag is warm
 and we have love and shelter
 (all a marriage needs)

For Your 39th: Solitude

celebrating us
 with a long walk in the woods
 (away from it all)

silence is golden
 when resting feet at sunset
 (your birthday present)

the breeze reminds me:
 i drove twenty-one hours
 to find this beauty

better than the beach:
 that grin on your face; these views;
 hard-earned sore muscles

thank you for crazy–
 (the long drive, the longer walk,
 another “us” year)

Day Ten, Road Trip 2016

from a fighting ride
 to playing dolls on the beach;
 camp beauty parlor

love my travelers–
 though they bicker and complain–
 the road unites them
 only each other
 to entertain, love, and learn
 making their journey
 under this bright moon
 as it waxes our return
 to everywhere home