Testing, Testing…

four hours of tests
 in this windowless hell fest
 Spanish comes to mind
 lunch union meeting
 complaints about white privilege
 first world problems
 (i want to tell them
 comparison is joy’s thief
 but they won’t listen)
 afternoon calls home
 to parents of failing kids
 Spanish practice dos
 then video view
 lesson to evaluate
 slim chance at progress
 audio walk home
 on a windswept cloudy March
 words too fast to grasp
 (Alice wonders why–
 in Carroll’s Spanish version
 –so many choices)
 then daughters’ chess meet
 and oldest’s plea for pi day
 (dough pulled from freezer)
 kitchen now stolen
 by eggs, bowls and pastry cream
 we drive to Wahoo’s
 kids eat free tonight
 run wild while hipsters drink

 (we rush home to bake)

 tripod ends my night
 (yoga the only answer
 to this chaos)
 and now i’m writing
 resolution of ideas
 not broken by tests


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