frustration escapes
 from furrowed brows, impatience
 (i fear future scars)
 guilt drowns my dinner
 reheated gravy drips down
 he recounts the tale
 his blue eyes darken
 (i think how our day started
 with warmth, love, lust, bed)
 now, at his wit’s end
 i abandon yoga goals
 try to intervene
 but it is too late
 Mythili keeps her eyes shut
 lips sealed against mine
 Izzy’s tears are fresh
 last-minute plans destroy mine
 she can’t fit me in
 only Rio grins
 offers ever-sweet love, hugs
 kisses me goodnight
 all for Spanish class
 neverending hopeless dreams
 for me to bring home
 i bear the burden
 of choosing this school, this home
 this place we call life
 it snarls back now
 nights like this, small joys stolen
 with such little time
 i catch the tale’s end
 of momentary anger
 all i get tonight
 i bear the burden
 of choices i’ve made for us
 that he can’t forgive


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