Simple Saturdays

four a.m. alarm
(Spanish happy hour lost
from my Friday night)

i eat, skip shower
dressed for skiing, snowpants on
but she doesn’t show

friend complications
include the plans i canceled
for her desperate plea

i fill my morning:
yoga followed by a bath
she begs forgiveness

i reschedule date
–best friend dates as good as love–
know all is not lost

in the midst of this
i discover oldest’s lie
and fear my strictness

i write a letter
she reads it over breakfast
with tears, she accepts

younger two travel
separate rows for the long drive
(friends with my friend’s kids)

sleepover ends day
three extra girls in our house
screams, doors, stomps, giggles

simple Saturdays
for the married family set
are never simple

alarm sets the tone:
puzzle-piece plans made for friends
(single, she hits snooze

sleeps the day away)
but she lives with the burden
of no love-led life


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